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Tough Painters visit VA LA this morning. Here was my sketch. Tough painter day becuase the light kept changing very fast. 

Another old concept from a distant age. Going off to do battle and on an adventure they go! 

Some old work from HALO 4 Spartan Ops. 

My painting from friday at 6:30am at the top of Kenneth Hahn park with the Tough Painters Crew. The light and vibrance of the surrounding environment was amazing. With shadows, light intensities and saturation levels changing rapidly, I struggled to keep up with nature. 

2nd post for the day. I did this with the tough painter group earlier this week at the Santa Monica Airport. Walking around the site, there were too many wonderful things to paint. 

More sketches from the vault! 

Sketches from real early on when I was at Motiga

Motiga. Quick. Mock. Up. Early on. 

Another battle arena from early on at Motiga. I was trying to visualize what one of the arenas could look like, based on the criteria expressed by the game designer at the time.