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Today is sword day? When I was searching some old hard drives this morning trying to find something to post, I came across some old swords from two separate projects for two separate clients. So I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and post some thumbnails line sketches and paintings. Between these two pages it give a bit more insight into how I approach design and develop it for props. 

Weekend Gouache: Pasadena, Near City Hall

This weekend I went out with my long time buddy from college Derick Kosol. He’s got some great work which I linked below. I highly encourage folks interested in a career in art, design or illustration to take a look.

 This weekends painting taught me a lot. I find that putting down some of the initial colors feels funny and sometimes wrong. But I just move forward anyway until I get enough color on the canvas so that I can see them interacting with each other. Then I make adjustments accordingly.

Hi everyone, above are some more sketches from the project Gigantic real early on. I was doing these as studies and support sketches to explore with the team what the trees could look like and how they could integrate with the architecture. I’ll post more gigantic stuff soon. :) 

Hey guys, if you like games like Dota 2 or League of Legends, then Gigantic may be of considerable interest within that MOBA genre. I had the pleasure of working there for about a year to help the project get up and running. Some of the sketches below were some quick and loose brainstorms for how some of the structures could have looked. 

Gauche Painting today with my friend Peter Chan. We woke up at 6am to hit the streets of LA in search of a good location prior to going to work. It was a challenge this morning because there were thin cloud layers of that would kinda of diffuse the sun. Additionally, the clouds would reappear and disappear, making the scene difficult to pin down one lighting scheme. All in all, however, I had a really great time. Painting on location is like eating ones veggies. 

todays spitpaint 2014, July 23rd. Theme: Firefly. Time: 30mins

I don’t usually sketch to many monkeys, but yesterday I came home and felt like I doing something more relaxing. I had a really fun time with this guy, but it was harder than I thought it would be. 

Fun with friend this weekend as we sketched Kenneth Hahn Park in Los Angeles! With Pixel P (Peter Chan) Art Fong, and Christopher Zibach. Great jamming out with these talents up on that windy hill. 

music to paint forests to.

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One day Merlin came to town : except of a #painting in our next book http://ift.tt/1neR1Tk

Hey guys, check out my friend Mike Yamada doing this thang! Some fun composition, shapes, colors and architecture going on here. He’s one to watch for sure if some of you may be new to his work.